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Our Clients' product management teams have business-critical requirements that impact their company's and its employees' future. We get that.


That is why we base our analysis on verifiable B2B evidence. 

About IEMR

IEMR is one of the world's top B2B marketing research and business strategy consulting firms with a focus on telecommunications and Information Technology verticals. We help product management and marketing teams make better product decisions and execute on those decisions to drive innovation in their companies. Established in 2003, clients have hired us to provide them with the hard and independent truth about their product and technology strategies.

IEMR's approach to our research and strategy consulting work is based on one simple yet powerful belief: "Keep it Real". It is our belief that the only way to deliver real value to our clients' product management and marketing teams is by undertaking verifiable primary research where there is a one-for-one correlation between our advice and the evidence.

We gather this evidence from a wide range of proprietary sources that are best in class, globally. Our ONEnterprise has over 100,000 executives enrolled in it. Our ONEConsumer Panel has over 2.5 million panelists in over 60 countries. These, together with our unique approach to research transparency gives our clients' product management and marketing teams unprecedented insights that drives strategic and tactical value in their core businesses.

With 50+ FTEs, IEMR is Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has research partnerships in over 15 countries globally. 

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