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Introducing the world's largest Telecoms-specific executive panel: The ONEnterprise Panel.

With 100,000+ panelists and a laser-focus on the telecoms & IT ecosystems, IEMR's coverage includes:

Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Network Infrastructure Vendors, Hardware / Software / Device Vendors, Systems Integrators, Enterprise Contact Center Executives, and much more.


Our Panelists are also senior-level executives with titles that include: CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CIO, SVP, VP, Director, Systems Engineer, System Architect, Manager, Product Manager, Consultant, and Analyst.

Companies include Tier 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 operators globally; Tier 1, 2, 3 vendors, and telecoms titles at large and Medium-sized enterprises and regulators.

Our clients use our ONEnterprise panel to explore the very leading edge of telecoms and IT trends, coming from their peers in industry.

Panel Background

Most panel providers and survey companies are generalists in their domain. These companies will do surveys for a wide range of clients and industries.


Their recruitment techniques are general and the quality of their panels as it applies to telecoms and IT is questionable.


In contrast, IEMR has built our ONEnterprise Panel from the ground up. We did this first and foremost to meet our own research needs, not to sell panels to our clients. 

The resulting recruitment process is therefore very specific to the telecoms industry and the quality of the panel is much higher than any panel that can be provided by a generalist panel or survey company.

Our Focus on Recruitment

IEMR takes the job of recruiting and retaining our panelists very seriously. The ONEnterprise Panel is core to the production of some of the largest telecoms databases and forecasts produced by IEMR.

  • We have partnerships with more than 100 of the top content providers that cater to the telecoms industry to recruit our panelists

  • We have a “Double Opt-In” process to confirm enrollment

  • We have a manual process in place on social media sites to recruit C-level and hard-to-reach experts and panelists

  • Our process includes an 8-point validation check to prevent professional survey takers from inflating surveys

  • Our Panel is based on a tight incentives system where we actually limit how many surveys a panelist takes in any given year

  • Real incentives valued at $250 - $1,500 per year in redeemable points are offered to clients


Our Focus on Retention

Retaining executive panelists is where most panel providers fail.


Unlike general panel providers who will bombard their panelists with dozens of surveys per month based on their clients’ needs, our philosophy behind the ONEnterprise panel is to focus on Quality.


  • Panelists are guaranteed a maximum of only twelve (12) survey invites per year

  • These surveys are Omnibus surveys and proprietary to IEMR. They form the backbone of IEMR’s own telecoms industry research

  • Depending on their level, in exchange for completing only four surveys, panelists are provided incentives between $250 - $1,500 in redeemable vouchers for travel and accommodations

  • Compare this to literally dozens of survey invites from generalist panel providers which effectively turns-off panelists from ever taking their surveys

  • For client surveys, we implement an “Over-the-Top” methodology. Depending on client needs, respondents are opted out if they do not qualify

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