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The service provider is just a dumb pipe! The Service Provider is King! Long Live the Service Provider!


We think it is fair to say that over the course of the last 10 years, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) globally have proven themselves to be apex members of the communications food chain with every other part of the telco ecosystem needing them not only for the fact that data packets pass through their networks but also because CSPs have proven time and time again that value added services can only be effectively delivered through or by them. The reason: there are only so many mobile and fixed-line network operators and they all have many assets other parts of the ecosystem do not: the subscriber, the spectrum, the infrastructure, and the technical knowhow to deliver communications services.


If you are a consumer and want the latest smartphone, but do not want to pay the full retail price? Talk to your CSP. If you are a Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) and want a reliable set of bundled communications services including fixed line, interent, TV, and mobile? Talk to your CSP. If you are an enterprise customer and want vertical-specific solutions or managed network security that your IT team is not capable of managing? Speak to your CSP.


Our research from across the world shows that from software and hardware vendors, value added app sellers, and yes, even the biggest smartphone makers need CSPs to ensure that their products are successful.


IEMR has extensive experience helping not just service providers formulate their consumer and enterprise strategies based on our Global Consumer Panel and Global Enterprise Panel; we have also helped software and hardware vendors sell into the service provider space by helping them understand the market dynamics they face in specific accounts.

We have served 7 of the top-10 CSPs globally and served over 100 of MNOs and MVNOs through our surveys and data services.

Leading North American Cableco reformulates its Mobile Content Strategy based on IEMR's Global Consumer Panel

Our client – a leading North American Cableco – was seeing "cord-cutting" by its subscriber base for cable TV services. Using IEMR's research, they began providing a bundled WiFi Everywhere offering with PayTV packages, that allowed them to offer a superior content package to reduce churn significantly

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