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Platforms and Software have now become the driving force behind how network operators drive innovation in their businesses.  From traditional OSS/BSS vendors to big data analytics to machine learning and artificial intelligence, communications service providers (CSPs) are rapidly changing their network architectures to make them IP-based and by extension virtualized and cloud-enabled and driven by software solutions.

Here, CSPs are moving their in-house IT to public, private or hybrid clouds, are proving out virtualized network functions that are driving context-aware service levels where software defined networking enable service levels based on workforces and workloads rather than connections.


In the Machine Learning / AI / Big Data Analytics space, CSPs now have in place use cases in almost all business domains ranging from pre-paid top up optimization in the marketing domain to policy on device management in the network domain to malware detection and security in the compliance domain.


Our Platforms & Services Practice has helped software and platform vendors better understand their marketplace through our evidence-based research approach. We have deep domain experience in areas such as OSS/BSS, Contact Center Solutions, Cloud Platforms, Big Data Analytics, Network Function Virtualization, and Cyber Security.

IEMR works closely with product management teams across various verticals in the telco and IT value chain to better define product features and functionality in the context of not just customers but also competitors.


We help product management teams better define their primary product strategies, their on-going plans to enter new domains and deploy new technologies, their go-to-market in new geographies, and their product roadmaps. We do so through a wide range of primary and lab-based methodologies, including helping clients with their agile product development, direct customer feedback, product and software tear-downs, etc.

We also assist vendors in this space with their sales and marketing strategies, pricing, and channel partner strategies.

We have served 3 of the Top-5 OSS/BSS vendors in the world and leading vendors across almost all software services in the telecoms value chain.     



Fully Autonomous Network Management is at least ten years away

Our Research shows that analytics-driven dynamic pricing, CRM and network management with no manual intervention is a vision that some CSPs have, but getting there will take time.

Leading telco software vendor refactors its E-Commerce architecture based on IEMR's research

Our client – a leading global telecom software vendor – was finding that the market had shifted for its E-Commerce module within its software stack. With the help of IEMR's research, they began a product refresh cycle that saw it shift its product development  efforts into more open architectures and faster total time to market

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