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content strategy

Content is king. In the current digital landscape, can anyone argue with this? Our ONEConsumer Panel have consistently shown that what we call "digital consumers" are fully mobilized, hyper-connected binge TV viewers who share often and like personalized services. 67% of users in our latest panel survey say that they are "completely lost without my mobile device" and 60% say that "internet connectivity is vital to me everywhere and all the time".

From device makers to content distributors to OS platforms that have recognized this reality, content and its consumption have become the sine qua non to success. IEMR has worked with some of the world's largest content vendors, device makers, advertisers, ad networks, streaming platform vendors, content distributors, and service providers to help them frame their content strategy correctly and formulate directions that allow them to deliver outstanding content to their customers.

IEMR has expertise across every major content vertical, including: mobile and fixed applications, digital games, digital music, mobile messaging, mobile Value Added Services (VAS) (such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), OTT Video, and Mobile Advertising.  

IEMR has helped all parts of the content value chain – content vendors, device makers, advertisers, ad networks, streaming platform vendors, content distributors, and service providers – understand their localized landscapes through our ONEConsumer Panel. Since 2003, this panel has provided our clients with ground-breaking insights that they have used to frame their content strategy to address the pressing challenges facing them and implement pragmatic solutions impacting the content industry. Our consumer panel also forms the core of our extensive market forecasts in this space ranging from digital games, digital music, mobile messaging, OTT Video and our Mobile Advertising forecasts. 

Carrier OTT Monitization: All Options Must be on the Table

As CSPs begin to create their own OTT video options to keep their customers from churning, our research shows that TV Everywhere, Ad-based Monetization, Pay-per-View, and Subscriptions must all be part of the CSP's arsenal.

Emerging Market Telco changes its approach to OTT Monetization based on IEMR's advice

Our client – part of a global telco group in an emerging market – was seeing increasing pressure on its IPTV offering. Our client was seeing a growing population of "cord nevers" who got their entertainment fix from over-the-top (OTT) video players such as Netflix.

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