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Become an Executive Associate / Analyst

IE Market Research Corporation recognizes that real knowledge resides with people. Our Executive Associate / Analyst program aims to tap into ex-executives who have previously worked in various parts of the telecoms, technology, and government value chains whom IEMR could list on our website and research reports as “Senior Analyst” or “Executive Associate”.

If you are interested in partnering with us as an Executive Associate, we would love to hear from you. Simply email us at: .

The benefits to you of this program are:

  • Consulting Assignments: Based on our client needs and your expertise, our Executive Associates are engaged on every client assignment we undertake. You will also be engaged in RFPs that we bid on and will receive assignments based on our success in these RFPs. Be it IEMR’s own proprietary research projects or contracted research for our clients, IEMR’s “Senior Analysts” or “Executive Associates” can expect to receive extra income for providing their expert advice to us and to our clients. Typical engagements can range from $500 - $150,000-- depending upon the contract or research project.

  • Professional Support: Our Executive Associates can expect to receive professional support from our network of analysts and business development managers as they try to develop their own client base and in every engagement with potential clients (i.e., you are part of a team). This support will include assistance with writing project proposals, business development liaison with clients before, during, and after an engagement, and access to IEMR’s research databases on specific engagements.

  • Commissions: We understand that executives like you have a deep relationship with your clients. To reward you for your network, IEMR has a generous commission rate on any subscriptions you sell for us with your existing clients. We will split the proceeds of subscriptions with you 25% (to you) - 75% (to us) on IEMR subscriptions.

  • Profile: You are profiled on our website (name, picture, biography) and in our research reports that you worked on, giving you exposure in that way.

  • Reduced Liability: Given our size, IEMR can handle all administration of contracts and take on the liability issues that arise from contracting with clients, allowing you to pursue large clients.