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Strategy Consulting Services

IE Market Research Corporation and our Executive Associates have provided our clients with a wide range of strategy consulting services. Specific services for which we have undertaken projects have included:

  • Advising senior management on a range of issues affecting their organization's ability to achieve their business objectives
  • Identifying opportunities for organizational improvement in the government, IT, and telecoms industries.
  • Developing and/or implementing organizational improvement plans, business plans, policies and standards in the Telecoms, IT, and government sectors
  • Identifying and researching best practices in the telecom, IT and government sectors
  • Analyzing, advising on, and implementing business processes, strategies and functions.
  • Advising board-level executives on business decisions
  • Preparing and advising on contracts structure and enforcement
  • Leading and managing various business systems and process improvements (e.g., initiating redesign to promote increased efficiencies and reduce overall costs, implementing improvements to automation of process)
  • Performing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Implementing and advising on measures to mitigate organizational risk in the telecoms, technology and government sectors
  • Providing support in analyzing, evaluating and controlling risks, especially related to project requirements
  • Designing and conducting threat and risk assessments
  • Developing and implementing disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans
  • Performing business continuity in the context of strategic planning, policy and standards development and organizational assessments
  • Analyzing and evaluating emergency operations, exercises, conducting lessons learned seminars and writing After-Action Reports.
  • Consulting stakeholders (individually or by means of facilitating group sessions) to identify comprehensive business requirements.
  • Documenting business requirements of all stakeholders
  • Assisting stakeholders with understanding their strategic goals
  • Assessing the organization's capacity/capability to undertake and successfully deliver a project, an initiative or a change in the context of the existing organizational environment, programs, and policies.
  • Designing processes to regularly review and revise existing accountabilities and competencies as the organization evolves.
  • Performing system-centered process mapping to define the structure of organizational processes: including definition of activities to be performed, required inputs, outputs to be produced, and framework within which to operate.
  • Reviewing existing work processes and organizational structure.
  • Defining potential organizational changes and improvements based on an organization’s strategy and values
  • Developing and/or implementing organizational change and improvement plan including identifying organizational changes and improvements, and prioritization of recommended improvements.
  • Using the appropriate organizational development methodology and approach to assessment and intervention.
  • Conducting organizational health assessment and development of strategy and its implementation.
  • Analyzing existing business processes, identifying opportunities for process improvements.
  • Mapping existing processes and developing and mapping recommended new processes, changes.
  • Analyzing business functional requirements to identify information, procedures and decision flows.
  • Providing advice on key initiatives that enable the organization to deploy high-impact business processes that are focused, accountable and measurable.
  • Providing advice on and/or assisting in implementing new processes, organizational changes, improvements.
  • Designing interventions that improve organizational effectiveness through people-centered change and result in: bringing about change, an improved environment, greater involvement and a more responsive workforce.
  • Developing and implementing change management strategies, plans, frameworks.
  • Identifying change management tools and risks.
  • Providing expertise, consultative advice, guidance and coaching to build project capacity to make effective use of change management strategies and related tools.
  • Articulating the purpose of change in a manner that makes sense to staff and provides a compelling picture of the new organization.
  • Designing and conducting a change readiness assessment in order to plan and carry out a change management strategy.
  • Coaching staff on the value of their contribution within the new organization.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the change management initiative.
  • Developing performance measurement/evaluation frameworks.
  • Establishing performance measurement and reporting processes and systems.
  • Integrating performance monitoring disciplines in an organization’s development or change management plan
  • Conducting change management interviews, surveys and workshops.
  • Collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information that provides insight into best practices and lessons learned that would effectively support managing change.
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